Thursday 10 November 2016

Review: Atlantis Miniatures Goblins

I am not a great fan of orcs, one of Tolkien's less happy inventions, but I do like goblins. In GW, goblins have been degraded to caricatures so when I saw an Atlantis Minis kickstarter with some neat models I ventured £30 and eventually got these.

I have a chief, brute, standard bearer, a drummer and six boys with assorted weapons.

The sculpting is excellent; each model is full of character.

I am well pleased with them and might buy a few more off their website shop.

The resin is fragile and somewhat super-glue resistant but it takes paint well.

Atlantis is based in the UK so you won't get hammered by our new sooper-dooper Brexit Pound in your pocket.



  1. Those are the best Goblins I think I've ever seen:). Personally I always had a soft spot for the Uruk-Hai...

  2. Having never heard of the company thank you for pointing it out!

  3. Very cool sculpts, and you've done a fantastic job on 'em! Good stuff, John!

    1. Thanks Mordan. They are so well sculpted that they are easy to paint.

  4. Yes, beautiful scuplts all around from goblins, orcs, trolls and giants. Yes a little pricey but personally got in on the kickstarter so discount there. But the quality and if you can say realism of a fantasy monster, makes them unique in the industry, at least in my opinion.