Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Battlefront at Rochester

Battlefront Games are best known for their hugely successful WWII game, Flames of War, but they have recently produced two other armour war games that show every sign of emulating the popularity of their illustrious predecessor.

The first is Team Yankee, as shown above, a Cold War battlegame.

And the second is Tanks, a skirmish level WWII tank battles game.

Both of the new games are simpler than the original FoW, in line with the modern trend towards streamlined wargames that can be played to completion in a couple of hours.

 Matt Sulley, Customer Service Manager at Battlefront UK, braved the arctic conditions to spend the day as Guest of Honour at a special open day at Rochester Games dedicated to all three products. He was surrounded by fans all day. Matt, second from right, is here seen discussing some of the latest Team Yankee models .

Rochester Games is becoming well known for putting on these 'specials', dedicated to a game or company and they attract a great deal of interest.

Turnout was rewardingly high, once again.


  1. Dear John,
    Goodness! A very long time ago I turned Harold Coyle's TEAM YANKEE into a graphic novel!

  2. Great stuff. Great when a company rep is on hand to spruik a game or two and answer questions. cheers

    1. Rochester Models is becoming a great venue for companies to show off their goods.