Thursday, 23 February 2017

Review: Reaper Filth Beast, aka Beast of Nurgle

This is a Reaper Bones Dark Heaven Filth Beast which I have painted up as a Beast of Nurgle.

It is one of Reaper's polymer models retailing typically in the UK for about £2.75. To give an idea of scale, the model is mounted on a 50mm base.

Reaper Bones miniatures are made of a soft, light polymer but unlike polyethylene it is not greasy so it sticks easily with superglue and does not resist paint. The material is very robust but not easy to cut or shape. However the molding is excellent with no obvious  lines.

I vastly prefer this mini to the official GW model, which is currently unavailable and I doubt if it will sell for £2.75!
I love the disease/reproduction pods along the side.

It comes without a base: I modelled this one with milliput and GW slime paint or Nurgle's Rot, as they name it.

Highly recommended