Friday, 17 March 2017

IHMN Venusian Self Propelled Artillery/ AoS Oldhammer Stegadon Mash-Up

I acquired an Oldhammer Stegadon howdah without the stegadon off eBay, stripped it clean and painted it to match my AoS skink/IHMN Venusian army.

Now, as it happens, the Oldhammer Stegadon is more like a Triceratops and, as it happens, by chance I have a few very old Natural History Museum Triceratops knocking around. :)

'Twas but the work of a moment to respray the hard plastic dino toy, stick on the howdah, add a skink Mahout and stick it to one of my Venusian swamp bases - lot o' swamps on Venus, don'tchahknow.

The 'Stegadon' has stopped to munch on a giant Venusian swamp flower.

And off we go.


  1. Dear John,
    I recall Night of the Lepus--a mob of killer rabbits. Apparently the big problem (aside from the plot) was that if rabbits were fed, they quietly digested instead of rushing downhill toward the menaced house. If they were hungry, they stopped and browsed instead of rushing.
    I wonder if the stegodons had that problem also?

    1. The Medieval world was very worked up about killer rabbits, as I recall.

    2. I've got the t-shirt! Next time we visit I'll wear it!

  2. Great to see a Dinosaur not so busy that he cant stop and sniff the flowers. Looks great. cheers