Monday, 13 March 2017

Review: Original Laser Designs - Dark Age Longship

While at Cavalier, I came across a new laser-cut woodkit manufacturer -  new to me, anyway - with lots of goodies on show. I was particularly taken with the 28mm Dark Age Longships as I am currently working on a Dark Age contract.

Here's a closer shot of one of the two ships on offer for the princely sum of £25.

Obviously, I had to purchase one for, err, review purposes. The above picture shows what you get in the box: a preformed hull and decking with various optional accouterments such as shields, benches, oars etc.

The hull is incredibly strong, the photo shows the bottom, with the sides already prebent (by steaming?) and stuck fast to the main base.

The great thing about this ship is that you could use it straight out of the box. The flat wide deck is perfect for standing models upon so it is more than just a scenery piece: the ship could be used for skirmish naval battles.

This photo shows what the ship looks like if you add the interior bits and pieces that you get with the kit.

And this one what can be achieved with a lick of paint in useful places.

Highly recommended and two shapes means that you can have two fleets: Vikings versus Alfred's navy, anyone?

You can buy the kits here.


  1. you suppose the technology would stretch to a trireme :)

  2. I have three of OLD's Dark Age buildings. Not great I have to say.

  3. Cheers for the review John. Sorry for the problems with your kits Simon, but I tried my best to put the faults right in your particular case as best I could.