Sunday, 23 July 2017

Dark Imperium Nurgle Deathguard Character Models

What strikes me about the new Deathguard plastic character models is their size and the vast amount of detail present. They cry out for the use of washes - unless you are a very patient and skilled painter.

I have to say that I completely love the Lord of Contagion (centre) and Noxious Blightblinger (right) that are superb models but absolutely hate the Malignant Plaguecaster.

How do I loathe him; let me name the ways.

I hate the stupid expression on his fat face and the silly stick in his left hand. It might make a suitable wand for a fantasy hedge wizard but not the Deathguard.

Most of all I hate the eruption of magic flowing out of his right hand. I find it impossible to paint these things in any way that looks one tenth real and they make the model a pain to store and move around the tabletop. The 'vomit' might be artistically balanced by his cloak sticking way out t'other way but that utterly compounds the practical issues. The thing has a huge 'footprint' on the table.

But Citadel models often have a marmite quality - which is much better than being bland.

The awesome detail continues in the back view to make your models still pleasing on the eye as they march forward across the table crushing the lackeys of the corpse god.

Mwah, ha, ha, ha.......gibber.......


  1. I think I will call my Malignant Plaguecaster "Snot Thrower" and paint him accordingly. Haha.

    I enjoyed how your models turned out, thanks for sharing!

  2. Would a right hand swap for the magic eruption one and a replacement staff improve things?

  3. With you on the plague wizard sculpt he's a bit of an odd one out in an otherwise great nurgle set.

    Great job on the paint again.

    Are you planning on adding the 3 pack with the new weapons?

  4. Never mind the snot what about all the tentacles....

  5. Once more, fun colour choices on these new sculpts.
    Shame you are not a fan of the wizard, he's actually my fav of the three! :D

    1. As I said...marmite!

      Characterful models will arouse strong likes and dislikes..and that's good.

  6. They look nice and colorful. I detest any flames etc sculpted onto miniatures but you did a very good job of painting them and making them look magical.

    1. Thank you. I think you are being generous but thank you.