Monday, 3 July 2017

Primaris Ultramarines

My 8th Edition Ultramarine Army

If anyone had suggested just a year ago that this month I would be painting space marines, nay Ultramarines at that, I would have pronounced them crazy.

But here we are.

Ultramarine Commanders And Characters

From left to right we have two Lieutenants, a Captain in gravis armour, and an ancient with a banner - all from the starter set.

Intercessor Squad

These are what pass for bog-standard marines in a Primaris army, armed with the new long range bolt rifles.

Hellblaster Squad

Primaris marines are organised a bit like the old 30K legions with heavy and special weapons in dedicated squads: these are plasma incinerators.

Inceptor Squad (who comes up with these names?)

Basically, 'drop from orbit' assault marines, each armed with two assault bolters: these are effectively short range heavy bolters. However, not they have no close combat weapons even though they are Tough (5).

Tactical Marines

Some old style tactical marines I painted up to go with the starter set - many thanks to Rochester Models for digging out three spare marines from their back office allowing me to complete a set.

The metallic blue is Mr Hobby paint, watered down and flow-thinned for airbrushing, on top of Army Painter white. The weapons are painted with Vallejo blue gun metal, dry-brushed with Vallejo Chrome. The snow is a games workshop technical paint.


These are from the Kill Team box, which I never got around to painting.

More Scouts

How Do They Play

Pretty well, so far, winning two 50 power point games out of two.

Strike aircraft in hover mode are particularly effective with massive firepower and great mobility.