Wednesday, 17 February 2021

9th Ed. Necron Army: 1. Warlord


Overlord & Royal Warden

I have just about finished a new Necron Army for 9th Ed. with mostly new models.

My warlord is an Overlord, a senior battle-hardened aristocrat. Backing him up is a Royal Warden who is that rare thing in Necron society - a loyal subordinate who can still think for himself.

I have stuck with traditional Sautekh Dynasty colours, silver grey and translucent green but have been a little adventurous with base decorations. The bases are supposed to represent a waking, damaged tomb complex so we have metallic purple floors and translucent red representing living metal flowing around repairs.

I will be putting up new units every day or so so stay tuned for more undead, tomb-king, 40K androids.


  1. Nice looking Necrons John, like the more unusual bases

  2. Oh No they look nice I might be forced to buy some for my Necrons to be bossed around by.
    (by the way thanks for the Death Guard codex arrived Tuesday although I have lost track of the days woke up thinking it was Friday again, thank god the BBC knows what day it is)

  3. Great figures, and I really like the way you've done the bases for them.