Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bolt Action: British Armour in Normandy

Finished my British armoured detachment, Normandy 1944.

It represents the three armoured divisions that smashed the Panzer Divisions and Waffen SS Armour in a series of gruelling bloody head-on frontal attacks, the most famous of which is Goodwood.

Goodwood was, I believe, the largest tank battle ever fought by the British Army and one of the largest ever.

It is a 1500 point regular army detachment (1456) consisting of an armoured and armoured infantry platoon.

Sherman III 75mm HQ tank, M5 Stuart reconnaissance tank, Sherman V Firefly (fireproofed), and an M10 Wolverine self-propelled gun: 830 pts.

Armoured Infantry
Eight man infantry section with LMG in an M5 half track, 5 man infantry section in a universal carrier, piat team in a universal carrier and a QF 6pdr at gun towed by a universal carrier, commanded by a 2nd lieutenant.

The infantry are all Warlord Games Bolt Action plastics. The armour is from Corgi, Warlord,Tamiya and Blitzkrieg. Which do you think is which? :)


  1. Very nice, too, John - can't beat Bolt-Action plastic Brits ;)

  2. A very nice collection there John. If I had to guess I'd say the Sherman's are Corgi, the Wolverine is Tamiya and the Stuart Blitzkreig - but reassuringly it's not obvious and they mix well, a very good result!

    1. The Sherman 75 is Corgi and the Wolverine is Tamiya but the Firefly is Blitzkrieg 1:48. The Stuart and Half Track are Warlord 28ml and the Carriers Tamiya. :)

  3. Jealous.

    Must get that Armies of Great Britain book (although my approach, for now, will stay at 15mm)...

  4. ...Which reminds me: it's half-term now, so at last I can get down to working my way through your back-catalogue of Bolt Action posts...