Friday 3 July 2009

Planet Strike - First Game

I played my first game of Planetstrike last weekend. I was the attacker with a Daemon Army and my friend Shaun deployed his IG and three Bastions as the defenders. Both armies were around 2,000 points.

I started with the Firestorm and rolled nine attacks. We agreed that Guard units targetted could take cover in their lines. Ducking and covering gave them a 2+ save so few were killed but most units were 'gone to ground'.

All the daemons can deep-strike by definition so the bulk of my army arrived on turn one in the midst of the defenses and could assault straight from deep strike (Planet Strike rule). We agreed a house rule that the Guard would still get the 2+ save on the first turn of combat but that only delayed matters a little. By the end of turn three the Guard were mincemeet and it was all over.

The Bations Interceptor guns had little impact on the game, performing better as normal guns.

The Planet Strike Rules combine to make a daemon attacker damn near unstoppable; there was nothing Shaun could do.

One could remove the firestorm from daemons as that would leave the defender up and shooting on turn one.

Anyone else played a game yet?



  1. I've heard rumblings that the Daemon codex will need a FAQ. Something about Daemons not actually having Deep Strike in their profile and so not benefiting from the Planetstrike rules. I don't have the codex or Planetstrike so I can't comment. How would the game have gone if you used the normal Daemonic deployment rules?

  2. I've heard the same thing; that the Daemon's ability is like Deep Strike but may not actually count as Deep Strike for the purposes of Planetstrike's special rule.

    I imagine an FAQ is in the works for this one.

  3. I played a game with Eldar vs Eldar and Guard; it was a pretty close game that we would only have won if we blew every single last enemy unit off of the board. Pretty fun, even when shot up with 12 bombardments...

  4. I have no idea how my IG can contend with all deepstriking all assaulting force. Incredible.

  5. I john, I didn't played planetstrike yet, but I've orderded it, with a lot of bastion.

    It seems fun to play. Did you took pics???;)

  6. Sorry, I forgot my camera so no pics.

    I think planet strike will be a lot of fun but not with daemons. All deep strike plus close assault on landing makes them truly devastating.

    I have played Shaun using the normal daemon deployment rules and he won a closely fought game - I think because he played better than I did, not because of an advantage.

    The daemons arrive less quickly in a normal game and sit as a target for their arrival turn.


  7. I have throught about the Daemons are they are gonna be viscious with Deep Strike and Charging on the turn they arrive, although I have a few ideas to help your IG player out.

    Reserves: Nearly the whole iG army could be kept in reserve. While this means a lot of reserve rolls, he could position a Comms Relay on one of his bastions that he has a unit in and this would allow him to re-roll all of his reserve rolls.
    Also if he keeps nearly his whole army off the board the firestorm cant really hurt him.

    Then to make sure the bastion (or sky shield) survives the firestorm you can whack a Void Shield on it, then immune to the firestorm, and all for 2 stratagem points.

    Finally you can load up the board (or at least the area with the objectives) with terrain, this will prevent the some deepstriking, especially as its dangerous terrain rolls for a lot of deepstriking.

  8. I'd imagine that Blood Angels, with their Assault Marines that cound as troops, elite or fast, would also be devistating in this game type.

    I'm trying to convince my friend to use these rules for our last battle in our little campaign. He would be attacking with Space Wolves and I defending with Black Templars. Yeah, I know, Black Templars defending?

  9. I play Blood Angels and they aren't that good in PlanetStrike. Only units with the deep strike special rule get to charge after hitting the ground. Assault Marines don't get this rule and therefore have to sit there and take it when the Daemons drop in.
    My first game was against Daemons and it was over it 2 rounds. It is absolutely disgusting how over-powered that codex is in P.S.

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