Monday, 13 July 2009

Resin Bases - Foundation of War - Review

I was doing a trawl through for any deals on resin bases, when I came upon the Foundation of War shop. They also have their own webshop here:;jsessionid=154a5b7f2531dfa/shopdata/index.shopscript

They have a large range of square, rectangular and circular bases in various themes. What astonished me was the price, eg. £2 for ten 25mm or three square 50mm or one round 60mm base.

I purchased a few of their lava bases and was so impressed that I bought their ruined temple bases for my Slaaneshi forces.

They are really good and paint up well with well defined shapes that give depth to what is, actually, a flat base.

The pic shows a few bases, there are quite a range of different sculpts so things don't look too samey.

The only criticism I would make is that it is obviously a small outfit and can be a bit slow to deliver - up to eight days - but I can wait.

The price-quality ratio is excellent - they don't overcharge on postage either.



  1. Nice find. I really dig the laval bases. It seems there is a new company every week putting out resin bases and so far they have all had some really nice product.

  2. I just bought some Rocky Outcrop bases for my Skaven Warpfire throwers... they're great products, and sooo cheap!

  3. I love those bases. They actually look like they're made from real ceramic. I'll check out the foundations of war site.

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