Thursday, 23 July 2009

Siege of Vrak II Renegades

I have been creating some new troop types for the Renegade Army List from the Siege of Vrak Volume II.

Here are two 20-strong units.

Beatmen are a new troop type. These are old Warhammer beastmen that can be bought for a song on the web. The pose really suits a 40K army. The shooters are mostly cut down lasguns and the 'skull' resin bases are from Foundations of War.

The Khorne Berserkers are an elite choice. This is my bBand of Brass unit (as opposed to Bass Brand). The 'rock' resin bases are again from Foundations of War.

The forty resin bases cost me £8 plus postage. What a bargain.


  1. Suh-weet looking beast. They may be from a "cookie-cutter" style but they are very nicely done.
    Or as I like to say. "Painting the great equalizer, it can make ordinary miniatures look great."

  2. Or as I say, "Paint will hide a multitude of sins." :)

    I'm a fan of the brass berzerkers, it's nice to see them in a color other than red. The bases sound like quite a bargain, but it looks like it would be difficult to mount a mini to them.

  3. Dear Trucker
    I have to confess that i bought these second hand on eBay and they were pretty well painted already.

  4. I also really like the brass. What paint did you use on them? It really looks great.

  5. Dear rabid

    Oh yes, paint does hide a multitude of sins.

    I wanted to do something different from the usual for my Berserkers so Brass was the obvious choice. I used a multi-layer method. Black, Tinbitz, Gold drybrush, Devlan brown wash and a final light gold drybrush.

    Mounting the mini is a case of preposing and cutting off excess resin to give a flat surface. I use Areldite quick drying cement to give a really solid mount. It's a popular two part epoxy resin that dries in about ten minutes - although it is not fast for at least an hour.


  6. Dear techpriest
    You posted two minutes before I uploaded!
    See above for paint layering.