Thursday, 13 August 2009

Doddington Garden

Doddington Gardens is one of my most favourite afternoon walks. It is a spring woodland garden but is still worth a visit even in summer. Doddington is one of Kent's smaller and less well known houses that was built in the 19thC. It has been owned by the Oldfield family for the last hundred years. The current owner is also High Sheriff of Kent.

It is still recovering from the Great Storm of '87, which wiped out a large chunk of the tree population of Kent.


PS Note the redwood trees


  1. I see you have no comments on this bit so thought I would add one. I particularly like the young man in the top picture. Doddington holds very special memories for me!

    Your first fan.

  2. Dear Anonymous

    I have a fan?

    The man in the top picture is unfortunately spoken for,


  3. Dear Anon, I agree...he looks like a fine figure of a man!