Thursday, 17 September 2009

Blood Pact Urdesh N20 Pattern Half Track

I showed an early version of this model a few weeks ago.

It is kitbashed from a Revell WWII German Artillery Tractor, Catachans, various GW bitz and MiniMax Traitor Legionairres. The armoured cab is scratch built.

The N20 is described in the Gaunt's Ghost series and The Sabbat Worlds Crusade Source Book, both by Dan Abnett.

The Blood Pact are not known for their strict adherence to maintenance schedules and never wash and wax their AFVs.

My thanks to the blogger who suggested putting soot on the bonnet under the flame-thrower.

I have put a pic on Cool Mini or not:


  1. Yes yes yes! I've been waiting for this one and the wait was certainly worth it. The soot on the bonnet is quite a nice touch, as is your scratch built cab. Was it a 1/35 scale kit? It works very well indeed.

  2. Dear Rabid
    Thanks for your enthusiasm.
    It is a 1:35 kit.
    1:48 is probably a theoretically closer scale but 1:35 works better.


  3. Hi John Like the vehicle not to sure Id be happy about riding on the back of it especially with all that Pyromethium sloshing about in those cylinders Mmmm... barbecude renegade...

  4. Dear Shaun
    Blood for the Blood God!!!!!!!!!!!!!