Friday, 18 September 2009

Blood Pact Urdeshi STeG 4 Light Armoured Car

So here it is, finally, the Blood Pact Urdeshi battle car. I will probably play it as a Hellhound or the other one that sprays toxic acid. That seems to me to be very Blood Pact.

I have gone again for a badly maintained, dirty, rusty workhorse. This is the equivalent of a Vauxhall Viva that has been too many times around the M25 and too few times into the workshop.

I have made it a half-track conversion of the sort that were used in Russia in Winter. They took the wheels off and slotted on tracks. The kit is of a Russian copy of a British vehicle from the mid Wars period.


  1. If anyone knows how to make a vehicle look used and abused, it's you. Great work again. The turret weapon fits right in with the rest of the kit. The track conversion works well, but doesn't look like it could be quite as fast as a hellhound. Regardless, it looks quite good. Can we see a full army shot?

  2. Dear Rabid

    Sure, I will do a full army shot in a few weeks. I have the N22 pattern variant half track to model and the AT70. I have finished an Assault gun.