Sunday, 6 September 2009


I thought I would share my experiences of ordering from this supplier.

I place a Euro41 order on the 17th August and received an automated acknowledgment of my payment via Paypal.

The website promises despatch within "4-5 days or 14 working days maximum".

On 31st August, I sent an email asking why my items had not been despatched (as indicated on the Maxmini website which listed my order as 'processing').

No reply.

On 5th September, I put in a complaint via Paypal (opening a dispute).

No reply.

On 6th September, I noticed that the Maxmini website had been updated with new products. However, they were unable to reply to my complaint of the 5th.

Sooooo, I have made a claim for my money back via Paypal.

If Maxmini don't reply then after ten days Paypal will rule in my favour and if (note: if) there is any money in the maxmini account they will refund me.

If Maxmini have cleaned out their account then it is my tough luck.

If Maxmini do reply this could all drag on for another month before Paypal rule - see above.

In my experience, when a company don't supply paid for items and won't reply to emails it is not good - even if the website is being updated with new offers.

Maxmini operate out of Poland so I guess I will probably end up charging my E40 up to experience.

Oh well, John

PS. Anyone else dealt with Maxmini recently?


  1. I dealt with them twice and my stuff got to me in about a month.
    You are not the first person recently I have heard having trouble which is a damn shame because thier Pre-Heresy helms were perfect.
    And I even bought a pack of Pirate Orc heads that were superb too.
    I suspect this is a smaller operation maybe even a home based venture so maybe the guy is on vacation.
    I feel you will get them eventually but the guy really has to get on the ball with his customer service.

  2. I'm with BigWill John, it's like a house business I think. Hope this will be resolved fast and clean for you. Keep us informed please, this kind of info is very important for the community.


  3. I've not dealt with them personally but I know a couple of people who have from my local club without any problems, this is indeed the first complaint I've heard about, do keep us informed as Spucmeyer says but it does so far sound like an exception rather then the rule.

  4. Hi John. A buddy form thepainteddragon forum sent me a link to this post and I have to admit I got pissed quite a lot because of it. I`ll take a look at the case and it looks Monday will be a bad day for the guy who handles our packages.
    Oh, forgot to mention - I`m the one behind MaxMini. I reallyy believe this is an exception as so far I got more than positive comments from our customers. If you know of any bad cases send me an email - jeskenis(at) .
    Thx for posting this as sometimes it is the only way I could get info that there`s something wrong.
    Also contact me and I`ll arrange a bag of goodies just for letting me know about the case (apart from solving it of course).


  5. I just ordered some ork heads and daka so i could make some flash gitz for my wifes ork army. we live in california and we had our package in just a couple weeks after ordering them.

    i will definalty order from him again.

    the quality is very good with only a couple spots that could be filled with Greenstuff on one of the pirate hats.

  6. Dear Przemek
    Thank you for contacting me.
    I will email you directly.

  7. Having ordered a couple of times, I have nothing but good things to say about them (both the quality of the goods, and the reasonable delivery times).

    Having said that, there does seem to be isolated cases of items being delivered very late (yours is the 2nd I have read of John).

  8. @John: let me know did you get my replies - i`m aware that spam filters can be sometimes a pain ;) .

  9. Dear Przemek
    Yes, and I have replied.

  10. Good to see this resolved
    I will be sure to be ordering from them again

  11. I am really surprised to read about your problems with MaxMini. I've dealt with them before and never had any serious problems...
    But it doesn't mean they can't happen.

    I hope the thing was resolved positively.

    We're going to review some of their stuff, so if anybody is interested - stay tuned for the review.

    Mahon (the Chest of Colors guy)