Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Cavalier Wargame Show

Cavalier 2010

Just to remind fellow bloggers in Kent that the Cavalier Show is on Sunday at The Angel Centre, Tonbridge.

The games include:

Southbourne Tabletop and Boardgamers (STaB)

Space Vixens from Mars


Participation Game

Who could resist?

Anyone else going?

Traders to include:

  • 1066 and all that

  • A & A Game Engineering

  • Ancient and Modern / Donnington Miniatures

  • BB Wargames

  • Black Hat / Fighting 15s

  • Black Pyramid Gaming

  • Brigade Models

  • Caliver Books

  • Chiltern Miniatures

  • The Colonial Steamboat Company

  • Dave Lanchester Books

  • Eagle Figures

  • Essex Miniatures

  • Forge Games

  • Frontline Wargaming

  • Grubby Tanks

  • Harfields Military Figures

  • Instant Armies

  • Ironclad Miniatures

  • Lesleys Bits Box

  • Magister Militum

  • Monarch Books and Miniatures

  • Musketeer Miniatures

  • Oshiro Model Terrain

  • Paul Harrison

  • Pendraken

  • Peter Pig (oink!)

  • QRF Models Ltd

  • Realistic Modelling Services

  • Redoubt Enterprises

  • The Scene

  • Second City

  • SHQ Miniatures

  • Stafford Games / Vendel Miniatures

  • Stonewall Figures

  • Tablescape

  • Tumbling Dice


  1. And I'll be there...

  2. See you there guys. We ought to have a bloggers meet.

  3. Hi John
    Yes Ill be there too, looking for more squats and some wierder bits.

  4. Dear Shaun
    You leave your wierd bits out of this.
    PS see you Sunday

  5. Hi John. Nice to speak with your today at 'Cavalier'. Found your blog today and will write-up in the 'MW' 'Dark Horizons' column