Thursday, 25 February 2010

Imperial Apocalypse II

I popped into my local GW recently and picked up a copy of Imperial Apocalypse II. It follows the familiar pattern of new troops and equipment and new formations, but also updates some old favourites to fit them into the new Guard Codex etc. It also rounds up some of the odds and sods and incorporates them into a single volume, which is useful.

An example of the old and the new.

Orky vehicles are considerably updated.

Two old favourites are updated.

The physical production of the book is excellent with the usual first class graphics.

At twenty pounds, I think this product is great value for money.

I rate it four (out of five).

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  1. I'm jealous that you can just pop into a GW shop and get FW stuff. Do they carry other things besides the books or would you have to pre-order miniatures? The GW stores here don't carry FW stuff unless they are a battle bunker. I drove an hour last summer to get the bunker in Los Angeles and they had a few bitz for most lines but no books. Really enjoy the blog. You've got me looking at Wings of War stuff at my local hobby store.