Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Minos Smart Max Diorama- Little Shop of Horrors

I love the Smart Max Figures. If only they weren't such an odd size. They do make wonderful dioaramas.

This one is by Minos.

Anyway you can find a fascinating series of photos showing how it was made here:


Minos has a site here:


With an English translator, which is useful if, like me, your French language skills are limited to 'official French'.

The site has more of his work such as this great Malifaux model

Well worth a visit. The Guy is a genius. Are the French modellors overtaking us Anglo-Saxons - Discuss?



  1. WOW! That diorama is friggin' awesome! Excellent find!

  2. Hi John
    Re Anglo-Saxon Vs French modelling skills
    I've bought some Rackham figures in the past from Euro Militare and have seen some of the other figures Pegaso and the like plus some very perverted (but beautifully modelled) Japanese stuff but mostly in the larger scales 40-54mm and even larger. But the Rackham figure are good but delicate, perhaps too delicate for wargaming although they would make for good diorama material.
    The latest historical hard plastics from the Perry twins, the best of Games Workshop
    plus all of the Foundry range (often modelled by the Perry twins) and the Gripping Beast stuff are very hard to beat so I'd say horses for courses.

  3. Dear Cheef and Darksol
    They impressed me.