Friday 2 July 2010

Illuminati Rockers

I spent an irreverent youth as a Mod, complete with Lambretta SX150 equipped with spare wheel, six mirrors, tinted screen, three spotlights, sprung back rest, yellow go-faster stripes. whip ariels etc, etc. I used to ride it kneeling down and leaning backwards as that was cool, as was my parka with rabbit fur collar.

I have retained a sneaking love of two wheels ever since. Enter my Illuminati Rockers. Again, these were an eBay bargain that I have repainted and tweaked. We have the leader with power fist, well giant claw, a chap with a melta, and an ordinary bod. I envisage them streaking across the battlefield on turbo-boost, giving an Inv. 3+ save as I recall, and going tank hunting.


  1. I like the mutations on the lead mod - looks very vicious! Nice work.

  2. Yes, the previous owner did a good job. :)

  3. The minis are nice, but I want to see a pic of you on that scooter!

  4. Dear Geek
    Fortunately, there are no pictures of me and my scooter in existence.