Friday, 30 July 2010

Seamus finished!

The Mad Hatter with the maniac grin is finished and ready to create chaos in Malifaux. His left wrist joint was a nightmare and I ended up cementing his case to his leg and filling the wrist with green stuff. It is not clear why he is wearing traditional riding to hounds, fox hunting clothes, except for the Doc Martins bovver boots. The base insert is resin from Iron Halo who do the great Deus ex Machina steampunk inserts. I decided to use their evil marsh inserts for Seamus. Iron Halo hail from the far Antipodes, the colonies 'down under' in New Zealand. A fair place but a long way from London. You can find Iron Halo's address on the sidebar, lower right.

A better look at Seamus' 'tails'.

I have run out of cash having spent around £2K on materials for my bedroom redecoration programme so I am placing some stuff on eBay. First up is a metal chaos space marine lord.

And a Fokker Eindecker assembled for Wing of War.

Finally, rabbit has had a foreleg amputated and is doing well. He demanded food and drink when he came round and kicked the vet when we collected him. He is not keen on nthe vet, who is also antipodean from the strange land of Oz.


  1. I've just got a rabbit (by default!), he's brilliant apart from the fact that he thinks my forearm is a lady rabbit...if you know what I mean!! But as affectionate as any cat or dog, I'm sure he's pass his best wishes on to yours!!

  2. Dear maverick
    Apart from being sex crazed, they are very affectionate.

  3. Our rabbit (actually our daughters - but as she lives in a flat - the rabbit lives with us) is called Beatrice Pottage and she rules the house. I think she maybe deaf, but that may be that she just doesn't take any notice of any of our orders/requests!

    Bee also enjoys abusing the vet and although very well behaved with the receptionists, will kick out at the vet!

    Funny animals, Rabbits!


  4. Dear Tony

    Officially, the rabbit belongs to No2 daughter but she lives with us so rabbit does to. Funnily enough Benjamin likes the receptionist - she feeds him treats - but he definately has it in for the poor vet.

    My daughter just caught the fox out the front. She had a go at running him over but he escaped :)