Sunday, 4 July 2010

When Smurfs Attack

Illuminati Champion Vorsprung Teknik led a Kill Team sweep through the ruins of an old battlefield and cult centre, looking for sport and slaves. He placed his chaos marines in a line with orders to comb through the ruins with a bike on each wing to run around the structures to cut off any retreat.

However, Sgt Shaun of the Ultramarines had two squads of assault marines with jump packs ready to ambush the Illuminati. And so the stage was set for an epic clash of good versus evil, true blue versus puky purple, loyalists versus traitors .... continue until word count target achieved.

I have placed the casualties in a line on the right. Things have not gone so well for the Illuminati. The high mobility of the smurfs allowed them to defeat my forces in detail, first the bikes, then the infantry.

By the end of the fourth turn the Illuminati were down to Teknik and one bod. At that point they made a strategic advance to the rear and abondened the field to the Ultramarines - accursed Smurfs.

Congratulations to Shaun who outplayed me.

There will be a rematch, shake fist, utter foul chaos oaths etc.


  1. Blast! If only the smurfs had been lured into your garden of Slaanesh, then they'd have never made it past the foliage & instead would've been easy pickings for your illumnati.

  2. Ah, the garden, the bountiful garden......

  3. hmmm. I've yet to face Assault Marines in KT, but they certainly appear formidable. It's a tricky new puzzle, this ruleset. Better luck next time.

  4. I learn't one thing. Beware of more mobile teams.