Thursday, 5 August 2010

Iron Brotherhood Angel - Adeptus Mechanicus

This is a Micro Art Studios miniature from their Iron Brotherhood range. These are very Adeptus Mechanicus. It is mounted on an Iron Halo Deus ex Machina resin insert. The resin of the model is very clean but it needs roughing up where sections are to be glued as superglue does not 'bite' well on the smooth surface. I used the old Milliput dodge to attach the wings. You put a layer of superglue in the socket, then a small ball of well mixed Milliput epoxy-resin clay, and finally another deab of superglue. The wing attachment is then pushed into the socket. The result is a fast, strong, attachment.

The model has a very simple layered paint job. It was sprayed with Citadel white undercoat then base painted black and Citadel mechrite red. Layers of Citadel tin bitz and shining gold were used to build up highlights on the metalic parts and Revel fiery red on the red sections. The base is Citadel scorched brown glazed with fiery red.


  1. It looks terrific. What are you going to be using this as?

  2. Dear Fett
    I am not sure. I thought it would make a good tech priest or servitor.

  3. Very clever tip with that "miliput dodge." Cheers.

  4. Dear Smoove
    My pleasure, glad to help.