Saturday, 14 August 2010

Statue of a Space Marine

This is a simple, indeed crude, Citadel plastic kit of a statue of a space marine. The statue has been knocked about a bit (like an English stately home) so I decided to make it old and abandoned. To this end I did not fill in the cracks where the components do not quite fit to give the impression of a statue made up of metal plates that were coming apart. I decided that it would be made of corroded copper (rather like the life size space marine over the Bluewater shop). I base painted it with Tin Bitz and then highlighted with a Tin Bitz/Shining Gold diluted mix. Green sheen was then added using Citadel green wash with recessed areas being touched up with Orkhide Green.

The base was painted dark grey and highlisgted with light gray. It was then painted with a thick layer of Devlan Brown wash.


  1. I like it!
    I kinda went overboard with mine ( and added a ton of verdigris over it. Sometimes when looking at it I wish I had a little restraint and painted it more like yours. It looks so much more "space marine"-ish.

  2. Looks excellent! I like that you did not fill in the cracks - it gives a very authentic feel.

  3. PX
    Oh, I don't know. It just looks a few thousand years older than mine.

  4. Dear Jabber
    And it's the lazy solution - always find favour with me.

  5. That, young man! is a stunning paint finish! Not only does it look like real metal, but some anodized alien super-metal. There is a metal that comes out of the ground looking like that in little cubic-tray crystals but I can't remember the name of it. Anyway - incredible figure.

  6. Is it me, or he looks like Tarkus from Dawn of War 2?

    Looks great, and maybe i'll get one too.

    How is the Daemon Bunny doing?