Sunday 30 January 2011

Defending Dear Old Blighty - Dad's Army

Among the crack military units of Southern England in World War II, one name stands out, eclipsing all others, the Warmington-on-Sea Platoon of the Home Guard, otherwise known as Dad's Army.

The front row, from left to right:
Private 'can I be excused' Godfrey, the first aid man
Private Frank 'can I shoot him Mr Mainwearing' Pyke, aka the Stupid Boy
Sgt Uncle Arthur 'do you think that's wise sir' Wilson, who lodges with Mrs Pyke and is like a father to Frank. Very like a father.
Captain 'I wondered who would spot that first' Mainwearing (pronounced man-er-ing), the leader of this band of brothers
Corporal 'they don't like it up them' Jones, old soldier from fighting the fuzzy-wuzzies with Lord Kitchener and inventer of secret weapons
Private 'want to buy some nylons' Walker
Private 'we're all doomed, doomed I tell you, Fraser, late of the Royal Navy

Corporal Jones' section is motorised. Captain Mannering is a great fan of motorisation, structuring his platoon on the model of a crack panzer division.

Private Sponge's Section is also motorised, or at least wheelised. The mysterious lady with the pistol in her front basket is called Miss Moneypenny. She works for something called The Commission. But she is not a witch.

The Enemy I: The Westgate Platoon
Led by Captain Square (centre front) and his sergeant, who is also his butler (kneeling front). Captain Square has used his Old School Tie connections to get his hands on a Vicker's Gun and a Lewis Gun.

Crack Home Guard Signals Unit.
"Hello, Hello, HQ?"
"Yes, what do you want?"
"I have no change. Can I reverse the charges?"

The Enemy II: The civilians of Warmington-on-Sea.
From left to right:
Old man Bluet
Local Bobby
Mr 'put that light out' Hodges, the greengrocer and air raid warden.
The Vicar
Mr 'the vicar isn't going to like this' Yates, the Churchwarden
Mrs Fox, who has an understanding with Corporal Jones

The Opposition: The crew of a shot down reconnaissance plane attempt to escape with vital film. They are helped by a sinister nun with an adams apple and five o'clock shadow.

Major Jameson of the Commission spots an evil daemon and attempts an exorcism. If the magically charged cross fails he still has a supernatural weapon, known to the wizards of old as a Tommy Gun.

But it doesn't stop the evil Wabbit-daemon.


  1. Marvelous. Fun show. I can only imagine the kinds of skirmish games that these blokes will get involved in.

  2. Dear Sons
    The world is perhaps now ready for the true story of how Warmington on sea was invaded by Nazi zombies - who walked to England.

  3. Perhaps an Angela Lansbury apprentice witch could give the lads some magical assistance.

  4. Outstanding! Every model brought a smile to my face as I remember various scenes from the show.

    You serious need an onion firer if you're going up against Westgate platoon.

  5. Dear Sons
    A bit of the 'ole Hocus Pocus - can't whack it.

  6. Dear Col
    I have been rewatching the episodes. They have not dated at all.
    Yesterday, I watched the challenge cricket match between the Warmingon platoon and the air wardens - umpired by the vicar and Mr Yates.


  7. Great stuff, John. Now for your Jeeves & Wooster miniatures wargame!

  8. You always bring an author's heart to the hobby. I love it. Bless you.

  9. A tremendous force of fighting men! Well painted.

  10. Dear Fred
    Sounds fun, imagine the combat rating of an aged aunt?

  11. Dear Mike
    Thank you for the kind words,

  12. Dear Paul
    Had the Germans invaded, they would never have taken the Novelty Rock Emporium, which would have been defended to the last man.

  13. John, I think that an aged aunt (who holds the purse strings) is about the same as a division of M1A2's!

  14. That fat officer is really great! Looks like he is a regular in a pub. Lion&Kings perhaps?

  15. Dear Igi
    These are from a popular BBC TV comedy series that ran for a long time. It details the adventures of a Home Guard platoon during WWII. The officer is the local bank manager, who has appointed himself captain. The sergeant is his chief clerk and the Stupid Boy, a junior clerk.
    It is all the more funny for being fairly true to the history.


  16. Dear John

    What's the title of the show? Maybe it can be found on THE INTERNETS. :) I am a big fan of british comedy ('Allo, 'allo, Monty Pithon, Black Adder, etc.).

  17. Igi - the show is "Dad's Army". This spot looks like a good place to see it:

  18. sonsoftaurus: Thanks, I will check it out when they relase me from my work... :S

  19. Dear Igi
    Dad's Army was one of the best British comedies ever written. Most of the whackier events are based on real events (Like Yes, Minister). There was also a movie that is probably around on DVD.