Saturday, 15 January 2011

M'learned Friends

GW have reportedly started an IP infingement suit against Chapterhouse Studios who have been advertising resin upgrades for GW kits. I suspect GW will win as the CS website uses actual names from the IP. I suppose you can sell an upgrade for a Tamiya Tiger Tank because Tiger Tank is not Tamiya's IP. You can sell an upgrade for an armoured 28mm space warrior - but not a Space Marine? Hell, but I'm not a lawyer.

Wargames Factory, who make the plastic 28mm wargaming models including zombies and shock troops (not Krieg, you notice) appear to have gone under. WF made nice models but there were complaints about delivery and customer service. The North American rep for Ghost Studios, the Chinese toy manufacturer that made the models, became the manager of WF some time ago. Now it appears the original owners and creators of the company have become corporate non-persons. Lots of rumours but no hard facts all over the net. If you have ordered direct from WF you might want to consider your exposure.

On a better note, Tamiya's excellent spray paints are backin the shops, hopefully without the heavy metals.

The wonderful artwork is from:


  1. Hadn't heard about Wargames Factory. Heck, too bad.

  2. That's a shame. I never got around to buying any Chapter House stuff, But always liked the look of the Eldar Seer and Farseer jet bike upgrades. Oh well. It'd be nice to see Jervis's column talking about this one.

    I bought some WF shocktroopers. Looks like I did it in time.

    It's a good job that GW's stuff is getting better. The only trouble it that sooner or later, when they have exthinguished the opposition, they'll have no need to produce a decent product anymore.

  3. Dear Sons
    Yes it is a shame. They had an imaginative business model to overcome undercapitalisation but I guess it did not work. I suspect that the Chinese will continue to sell existing ranges but I doubt their capacity to run a wargame company long term.

  4. Dear Zzz
    Yah, I had not heard of Chapterhouse. There are so many small companies out there.