Thursday, 6 January 2011

Story Update

My next published story is in a Baen anthology called Wild Side, edited by Mark Van Name. It is named after the Lou Reed song, which the more geriatric amongst you may remember, and is urban fantasy with a touch of spice. Well, more than a touch of spice really.

My story is called Beauty is a Witch and is set in the world of The Commission (which includes As Black As Hell, Lucy's Blade, and Night of the Wolf). It descibes a few days in the life of a witch who makes a good, if highly illegal, living in London's criminal underworld. Her life is changed when The Commission's exocets, Jameson and Karla hunt her down in the Blind Beggar Pub in Whitechapel, and she flees into the otherworld.

The Wild Side will be out in August.

Boondocks Fantasy, edited by Jean Rabe and Marty Greenburg, is now published by DAW and is available from all good bookshops and Amazon online. My story is called Siren Tears, and again, is loosely set in the world of The Commission. It follows the fortunes of a young city trader who has a life crisis and leaves London for a few days in the countryside of North Cornwall to mull things over. There he meets three women who convince him that London and hs lawyer-bitch girlfriend ain't so bad, after all.


  1. Well, that got my attention. I knew you wrote professionally, but I'd never looked into what exactly. Do you have any discussion here of this setting?

  2. Dear Porky.
    No I tend not to discuss my work too much on this blog, which is devoted to my hobby.

    I would be very happy to put up more info on The Commission plus some exerts, if you like.


  3. I'd be glad of it, though I won't presume to suggest what you should or shouldn't put up on the blog. One of the things I'm trying to show with mine is that there's little difference between the fiction of a novel or a film and the fiction of a wargame or a roleplaying game. It's really all one, and I'd imagine the ideas in your writing inform the ideas in your gaming, even if in general pereferences. If so, it's something the audience here must have an interest in. At the very least, the genre itself is one many of us probably enjoy.

  4. Dear Porky,
    I will see what I can do.

  5. Thanks, John. I look forward to it!

  6. Porky
    Do you have an email address that will accept attachments?

  7. Hi John

    Congratulations on having the story published.

    I have been successful in having a number of modelling articles published but am yet to have a written story published. Hopefully I will join you as a published author soon.

    I saw this link earlier this week, but was not able to respond as it was not my computer. Now I am back home I just wanted to say well done and I have posted a link to my Brother-in-Law (who is a published author).



  8. Dear Tony

    I had to retire from active scientific research for health reasons, so switched back to my old love of literature. I have sold ten short stories and novellas, and two novels. My second novel is out in Sept (Baen).