Thursday, 7 July 2011

Battle of the Barbarians

The Wild Celts of the Lesser Swamp challenged the Goblins of the Fungal Forest to a rumble. The celts turned up with two large warbands, two warbands and a cavalry unit. The warbands were Wild Fighters.The Goblins had three units of spider medium cavalry, Fanatics and Wild Fighters - its the magic mushrooms, plus three units of village Goblin medium infantry, Militia. Two small units of Goblin skirmishers accompanied the force.

The armies met at the fords at the Blue River.

Two units of Goblin cavalry rode off into the wild yonder (1 & 2), one crossing the river (2).  The rest of the Goblin army fell into confusion and refused to move. The Celts split their forces to match, a warband crossing the north ford (A). The rest straggled into a column south of the river (B to C).

 The Goblin cavalry south of the river (G1) charged two warbands and forced them back in disorder (C3). A militia unit was emboldened to follow (G3) but they refused to get to close to the Celts. The Celtic cavalry trotted in support, stopping occasionally to admire the wild flowers (C1).

The forces north of the river stood around picking their noses.

The first spider cavalry (G1) clashed with the Celtic warbands (C3) and got a nasty surprise. The Celts had been at the distilled grain juice and thrashed them. The cavalry fled, leaving the militia unsupported except for skirmishers (G2). The cavalry north of the river woke up and charged across the ford putting the celtic cavalry to flight.

The third goblin cavalry unit (1) came out of reserve and crossed the river to support the militia, forcing back the Celtic warbands, which were now surrounded. It was all over bar the slaughter.

Afterthoughts.: Both Shaun and I underestimated the command control problems in Hail Caeser. Complicated plans involving pincer movements etc are a bad idea. One of the pincers will be out of easy command control. My goblins won simply because Shaun forced my army back on itself so it went into command control.


  1. Hi John
    All Celtic infantry now finished ready for a rematch I was thinking my Lime washed and woaded Britons could be fanatics ala Hail Caeser just the cavalry and chariots to go

  2. Hi John
    Just to let you know North Star have Warlord Roman Legionaries on their web site in their Bargins section for £9.99 instead of £17.00 a box even with 99p P&P on top thats still very cheap plus they have other bits (persian cavalry command packs etc at 50/60% of normal retail price)P.S. Two packs purchased (just to even the odds for my Romans)P.P.S All celts done now

  3. Romans have arrived service was quick arrived this morning less than 24Hr turn around!