Friday 1 July 2011

Kleftiko's Greatest Battles - The Rancid Ford

Introduction: The Ruler of Armenia, King Nastartes, has been getting a bit of stick from Persian merchants about his inability to stop Gataltian (Celtic) raids down onto the plains of Armenia. There is talk of a petition to the King of Kings in Parthia about sponsoring a change of rulers. Nastartes hires the famous Greek mercenary General Kleftico to raise an army of mercenaries to contain the Galations.

Kleftico bribes a unit of Parthian horse archers and Iranian cavalry to join his force, and bullies the Greek cities on the Black Sea coast to provide enough peltasts for three units. These are Hellenistic peltasts, light infantry with long spears, rather than the Thracian sort. Best of all, Kleftiko bribes Graspo, the commander of a Roman fort on the border to join him with his veteran legionaries. Graspos men have not been paid for some time and are keen for loot.

As it happens, by a strange coincidence, The Galatian chieftan, Needafix (aka Shaun) has assembled a force to carry out some impromptu tax collecting from the Armenian towns. He has two warbands and a band of cavalry.

Kleftiko takes up a blocking position at the Rancid Ford. He places his peltasts on a hill overlooking the ford. Their morale is suspect and he regards them as mostly for show. He blocks the pass below the hill with his Iranian cavalry and Roman veterans, the only two reliable units in the army, and keeps the Parthians in reserve.

The Gataltians cavalry cross the ford supported by a warband. The Parthians are sent out to harass them with arrow fire.

The Parthians completely underestimate how fast a bunch of raggedy barbarians can move when given the chance of horses to steal. The warband runs down the Parthians. The Galatian cavalry piles into the Iranian cavalry and Romans and are comprehensively hand-bagged, fleeing back across the river. Graspo promptly charges the second warband supported by the Iranians and breaks them, the cavalry gleefully cutting down the routing Celts.

Needafix and the first warband decide that the omens are no longer auspicious and swim to the safety of the far bank of the river.

The Romans and Iranians spend their time looting gold torcs, bracelets and rings off the slain Galatians by the expediancy of chopping away limbs.

It occurs to Kleftico that he has won a famous victory. It also occurs to him that he should double his fees.

Hail Caeser was used for the game.


  1. That looked like fun. How's Hail Caesar compared to Warhammer Ancient Battles? Oh, and do you have a Greek restaurant close to home? Kleftiko is a pretty common dish...


  2. Dear GG
    I am rather fond of Greek food.
    Hail Caeser is utterly different from WAB. It is closer to Warmaster. IMHO it is a much better game and simulation, being simpler and with a realistic outcome feel.