Friday, 15 July 2011

Pontic-era army

I have added a cuple of elephants to my Anatolian Pontic-era army.

From left to right:

Two Galatian (Celtic) warbands.
A unit of Galatian medium cavalry.
A unit of Iranian spear/bow-armed medium infantry.
A unit of Iranian medium cavalry
A unit of Iranian bow-armed  light infantry.
A unit of Iranian horse archers.
Two Hellenistic elephants.

A nine unit army in all, which would use an Iranian-Hellenistic general and possibly a Galatian sub-general. Quite a small army but one that presents tactical challenges as it lacks any heavy troops to act as an anchor. Elephants are a mixed blessing. This army will need clever tactical manouvre to survive contact with Romans or a Hellenistic Pike army.

The Warbands are Warlord Games, the rest Wargames Factory, and I don't know who made the Elephants as I bought them for a very reasonable price second hand on eBay.


  1. Very nice painted units John.


  2. Dear Peter
    It is only an army painter quick-job but they look surprisingly good en masse.

  3. I read that as a 'cuddle' of elephants.

    I wonder what my shrink would say ?

  4. Dear ZZZ
    It's the trunks, isn't it.