Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dragonlord Warships

Spartan Games Dragonlord warships. These are three frigates, a cruiser and a Dragon Carrier.


  1. Nice, I like the sail detail in aprticualr - do they fit well with your Dreadfleet goodies too?

  2. Dear Paul
    The detail on the models is very good. They are pretty much the same sale as Dreadfleet.

  3. Nice work! Looking really good. I'm looking forward to get my fleets painted up sometime over the next few months.

    Since Spartan is re-sculpting these guys (changing nothing from what I can tell, except just adding more detail due to a CAD re-sculpt) several retailers here in the states did big sales (I picked up all my stuff at 40% off) of the older models to get ready for the new stuff ... so I picked up a good portion of the entire Uncharted range. I really like them. My gaming group has moved wholesale into Dystopian Wars and I have Uncharted then eventually Firestorm Armada waiting in the wings. You Brits are the masters of good mini games :)

  4. Dear LE
    Wayland games in the UK have a 25% off sale for the old Uncharted Seas models.