Thursday, 27 October 2011

Short Reviews

The Great War
This is essentially 40K tweaked. If you want to play 40K using WWI models then fine but little thought has gone into what made WWI such a terrible experience. The problem is that 40K is heroic fantasy combat with added guns. WWI was the first industrial-scale war between major powers that used massive firepower. Not recommended.

This is a rework of the Lord of the Rings system. As a skirmish system it is not entirely inappropriate for gladatorial combat but, equally, it's not especially atmospheric either. The LotR system is not great for ritualised (sport?) one on one combat. The book is full of useful and interesting information and has nice scenarios and campaign systems and can be recommended on that basis but it needs  more specific game mechanics. Recommended with reservations.


  1. Interesting, thanks! Fran uses his own reworking of LotR rules for his samuri games, I did make up a list for Vikings, but as the other Rejects will no doubt agree, they never saw the light of day....................yet!

  2. GW works quite well as it (obviously) removes things like super characters and armour saves for infantry. MG's are extremely lethal. Whilst using the same core system as 40K it is a very different game.

  3. Dear Ray
    I always liked the LoTR system for skirmish games but I think applying it to violent sports games is less convincing. It is a fascinating book, though.

  4. Dear Steve
    I am sure GW works as a game but I just can't see it as WWI. The cavalry rules are a case in point.