Monday, 31 October 2011

MF Global - Sovreign Debt Casualty?

MF Global is bankrupt. It started in the C18th in London as a brokerage and is still based in the East End.

"Since taking over as chief executive of MF Global in March 2010, Mr Corzine has sought to transform a company that began in late eighteenth century London as an agricultural broker, into a trading house that would make bets with its own money."

Corzine is a product of the Great Vampire Squid, Goldman Sachs.

I wonder if this affects his bonus?


  1. You never see a link on their websites do you? They'd be better regulated by the Tote rather than the FSA...

  2. Dear Steve
    Good point. I can't see where the skill comes in predicting the future. You may as well use a coin as a merchant banker.