Sunday, 11 March 2012

Battle of Britain Warriors

This Bf 109 came down in Kent during the Battle of Britain when its engine failed. It now tours the Home Counties raising money for Service Charities.

The original crash site.

Wizard Prang chaps.

Note the Messer-killer, back left.


  1. That pic reminds me of my grandads storys of crashed german planes he went to whilst in the home guard. Lots of them shot down over East Anglia and the Fens. They had a tendency to bury themselves deep when they hit, lots of them still down there under the spuds lol.

  2. amusingly, i have had my picture taken next to the 109 for a poster trying to get people to volunteer at Duxford (as i did for a few years). i believe there are still a few of the damn things hanging around in various bus stops in Cambridgeshire.

  3. Dear Blitz
    To a hunk of metal coming down at 500 MPH, earth has the consistency of water. It's amazing how deep these things are found.

  4. Dear Atreides
    Do you have a digitised copy?