Sunday, 4 March 2012

I spent yesterday in a Lambshead Family Picnic at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, Cambridgeshire and took lots of pics, the best of which I shall feed into the blog in irregular posts as I sort them out.

Above is the Battle of Britain Hurricane, Fighter Command's primary fighter in 1940. The first modern monoplane design for the RAF, it was very similar to Hawker's biplanes. It had a decent performance, inferior to the Bf 109E in all but firepower, strength and agility, but not much inferior. This is the plane that mainly won the Battle of Britain. Germany invade Russia with fewer planes than it had for the Battle of France. The Hurricane was largely responsible.

Comet, the last British cruiser tank. This is the weapon that the army could and should have had in Normandy instead of the Cromwell and Sherman deathtraps. Equipped with a gun similar to and only slightly inferior to the superb 17pdr crammed into the Firefly.

Patton and Montogerery both claimed that a Sherman 75 was a perfectly adequate tank and killed the urgency for replacements, with disastrous consequences.


  1. Duxford is a great museum. There's so much to see, especially when they have airshows.

  2. Nice pics, I've not been to Duxford for years, I'll have to try and drag the Mrs and brats there in the summer!!

  3. Dear Ray
    Thia was my first visit for 20 years and they have done a great deal of work. Fascinating museum.

  4. John nice picture of a Comet. although that one is post War, (fish tail exhausts)Just like the Pershing too little too late.