Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Europe 2030

For your near future SF games, a suggestion how the political map will look in 2030.

Scandanavia: Stinking Rich, low population, high tech.
Baltica: Rich, low population, high tech.
Germania: Rich, high population, high tech, military power.
Papal States & EU: Poor, large population, corrupt, devout, run by organised crime.
Turkey: Third World, devout.


British Isles: Border disputes over offshore oil rights.
Southern Germania: Terrorist activity, some nationalist, eg Catalonia, some sponsored by Papal states.
EU: General Mafia violence, bortder clashes with Turkey.
Papal States: Constant pressure on Poland and Austria from wealthier nations.
Russia: Usual.

Note the blank map I used for this is copyright protected (see top right).


  1. I thought all of Europe would be a German protectorate with Britain still fighting off the Hun. Certainly feels this way over here in Athens. We have a constitutional junta, complete with a Gauleiter.


  2. Dear Dimitri

    It's a for fun only map, and I didn't want a starring role for England - we English are generally considered arrogant.

    However, you are right. We are the giant killers, suspicious of unified Europe movements which inevitably try to bring us under their control.

    According to the Times, Paris & Berlin aredetermined that you should continue to pay for the tons of useless military tat that your politicians bought from the, uh, French and Germans. Apparently it includes a German submarine that won't sail but nevermind. Germany will fix it for a mere E80m.

    Aparently said politicians received large consultancy fees from the Franco-German companies flogging the junk.

    Plus ca change,eh!


    1. John, if you had a pint or three we could get into this discussion. The most recent funny bit about the sordid situation that the EU fiscal policy has become was increasing debt by around 30 billion we actually decreased debt. Apparently math is not a prerequisite for finance. At least not anymore...


  3. Dear Dimitri

    EU policy on Greece has become incomprehensible to anyone outside of a lunatic asylum. Three pints probably isn't long enough.

    It's like they want to humiliate and punish the Greeks for something the Central Bank connived in.


  4. Dear Dimitri
    Just read that your new finance minister is a banker!!!!! Oh dear God.

  5. I agree with Dimitri...the bulldog bit would for-ever-be it's own colour! However; I totally concur with the use of colour of a matching hue on the Grampian Pictish bit and the Ulster bit, I have been advocating just such an outcome should the Gaels get their Independence!

    I think we should be green...Jerusalem and all that...!