Monday, 23 April 2012

The Avengers at Salute 2012

No not the malenky Hollywood films but the real Avengers, John Steed and Emma Peel. The bad guys close on Emma Peel - poor sods!

The seventies was when men were real men and had the flared trousers to prove it. We also invented sex. Sixties, pah!

The 7TV rules system.


  1. The Steed and Peel era was the 60's. Cool looking set up.

  2. I loved that serie. Great table!


  3. I am a Yank...but a HUGE ANGLOPHILE...been one since i was 4 (now i am 40)and discovered the beatles! Anyway...i have about 24,000 comics (much to my wifes dismay!) and i started loving the avengers american comic, when i was 10 i saw a advertised the avengers on the tv i thought COOL....but when i turned it on...i WAS NOT DISAPOINTED! it was not the costumed avengers i thought it would be..... But something a WHOLE LOT COOLER....i KNOW consider THESE the avengers...and the comic the MARVEL AVENGERS!! HELL You guys had it first!! GREAT setup btw!