Tuesday, 15 May 2012

7TV Enforcers

 A collection of enforcers with machine pistols for the 7TV game. Above are SPECTRE, or similar, goons.

 An MI5 goon with sten gun, probably an SOE silenced model.

A SMERSH goon. Note that a hump is not actually a job requirement for the KGB but it is a decided advantage, rather like having a limp if you want to join the Gestapo.


  1. Very nice. The SMG carried by the MI5 Goon is a Sterling I think. I keep meaning to pick up some of those goons from Artizan to use as KGB with SMG the look the part.

    The bases are nice are they bought or made?

  2. Love the SMERSH goon's jacket - lovely effect, John ;)

  3. Dear Brummie
    Ah yes, it would be a sterling.
    The bases are bought except for the muddy one which was made using Citadel textured paint.

  4. Thanks Monty
    Trying for worn leather.