Thursday, 17 May 2012

I Robot

A couple of Film Robots.

The model on the right was shaded with Citadel blue wash but the model on the left was covered in a glaze made from citadel's new universal glaze fluid coloured with a spot of light blue paint. Both were prepainted silver and then lightly overbrushed with silver after treatment. The glaze sticks to the surfaces in a way the wash doesn't, giving a different effect.

The model on the left is Robbie from the classic Forbidden Planet. It also makes a great armoured suit model.


  1. They both look great I must take a look at these new paints

  2. Oh, that's excellent! I remember the wee fella from The Black Hole, too!

  3. I see your I robots on my Ipad and I like them!

  4. Nice. Robbie and, although the head isnt quite right, the's certainly the wee robot from the black hole.

    I used to have an action figure of him.. and the big red jobbie too.


  5. Maximilian! :-D

    I wish I had that film to watch now!

  6. Dear Guys
    Thanks very much for your encouragement, which will only result in more posts. :)