Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Third Reich's Wheels

Motorcycle motorised troops seem a little strange in the modern world but were quite innovative in the forties. The German army was largely unmotorised, relying on foot infantry and horses.

You may recall Her Gruber's little tank. Actually the German obsession with size, possibly reflecting Mad Adolph's well known sexual problems, came out in grossly over-gunned armoured cars. The Puma may have had a 50mm AT gun but was ill advised to mix it with battle tanks.

Prime (and non-prime) movers.


  1. More classic kits John, lovely work.

  2. If Herr Hitler had a wee-bit problem "down there" it is apparently shared by most modelers. How else can you explain the preponderance of Tigers, King Tigers and Panthers (not to mention Jagdtigers, Jagdpanthers and StuPas) in late war battlegroups.
    Excellent work on the motorcycles and the rest of the stuff painted gray. Gotta love motorcycle combos. Nothing says Nazi quite like them


  3. Whenever I see German troops on motorcycles I can't help but think of Indiana Jones :D

  4. Dear Brummie
    I can't beieve anyone actually fired an HMG from a sidecar.