Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Big Tank

This is a HobbyBoss 1:48 KV1. The 45mm antitank is 28ml by Plastic Soldier to give a feel for scale. I have added some Tamiya 'tank decoration'.

The KV was the king of tanks in 1941. A single example held up an entire panzer division for days. Had they been properly fueled and supplied they would have stopped the panzers dead. Most were abandoned by their crews when out of fuel and shells.

HobbyBoss make a number of KV, T34 and Sherman tanks in 1:48. They are cheap, around £10, and stunningly well detailed.

Highly Recomended.


  1. May have to check out this HobbyBoss, nice work!

  2. Hi,

    I've many HobbyBoss models, all of them purchased here
    I can say that the details are really good, as least in pair if not superior to other manufacturers in this scale such as Italery and Tamiya.
    Highly recommended.