Friday, 2 November 2012

Tin Cans

Italian 'tanks' used on the Eastern front. British Morris Beaverette included for scale.

Puts the Italian collapse at Stalingrad into perspective.


  1. Indeed it does! Are these similar to the polish tankettes? I remember reading somewhere that the only worthwhile vehicle the Italians had on the eastern front was a rather ugly looking assault gun with no crew compartment for the gunners.... they had to stand behind it.

  2. Dear Phil
    Everybody played with these in the 30s. In the British Army they became bren gun carriers, open topped so no one was in any doubt as to their combat power. The Frech and Poles made similar vehicles. The Russian equivalents were the T26 and BT5/7 - with 45 mm general purpose cannon!

  3. Hi John
    Did you know the Italians were actually making a copy of the British CrusaderIII in 1943 as a main battle tank when even the british had given up on the design in 41

  4. dear Shaun
    I guess a crusader would have been a step up.