Thursday, 7 March 2013

Undead in Turquoise and Fetching Lemon Yellow

Undead in Turquoise and Fetching Lemon Yellow.

As regular readers of this column kno, I have wonky colour vision which can cause issues. I am reliably informed that this lot look like a crack undead unit of interior decorators.



  1. I think they look great. The colours are subdued enough not to jar, but help the unit show up at this distance - a natural distance after all - and closer in they're smooth and rich.

    1. Thanks Porky. That is most encouraging.

  2. I like them. Reminds me of the colour palette GW use on their khemri, so it doesn't look out of place to me. Although I could do with a crack unit of interior decorators at the mo, and undead would probably be an improvement on some of the contractors I've come across before!

  3. You and me both. At least the undead woukdn.t take endless tea breaks.