Friday, 31 May 2013

Titan Affixed To Base

My original plan was to affix each foot to a seperate Renadra flyer stand but I called in Shaun who pointed out that I was barmy. He mounted the Titan for me on a solid piece of rubber wood.

 He drilled up through the feet, through the ball and socket joint into the legs. He then drilled the board and added a screwed rod firmly locked in with countersunk nuts on each side. The legs go on the rods and voila. All I have to do is decorate.


  1. Nice job, looks good on a solid base like this.

  2. My titan ended up based on a round chopping board, makes it all a bit sturdier and allows you to crush enemy models under it

    1. Good point. I can always drop the damn thing on my opponent's armies.