Tuesday 22 October 2013

Bolt Action: Burma '44

Finished my Japanese Bolt Action army - for now at least (an army is never really finished).

It is a company of two platoons commanded by Captain Honda, Lt Suzuki and Lt Yamaha. One of the sections is a grenadier with three mortar teams and one is veteran. All the sections have LMGs and a couple have anti-tank grenades.

The company is well supported with an additional  medium mortar, MMG, 70mm field gun and three loonies with shaped charges on poles plus a Chi Ha T. 97 'medium' (ha ha) tank and a T. 95 light tank (a Vickers 6 ton).

I see this force as defensive as befits the situation in Burma after the Kohima disaster.

Opposing is a British assault company of two reinforced platoons led by Major Cad (who looks a lot like Terry Thomas). One of the platoons has three understrength sections of Chindits with LMGs who are my flanking force. The main platoon has three sections of regular troops (one is not shown in the photo as I couldn't be arsed to fish it out of the garage).

The company is supported by a Vickers MMG, a medium mortar and a 6pdr anti-tank gun pulled by a bren gun carrier. Tank support is an M5 Honey light tank and a Sherman III.

The Honey and Sherman have a frontal armour of 9 on the front. The best Japanese gun is on the T. 95 and is a light low-penetration anti-tank which can't penetrate 9-strength armour. The Japanese tanks have light frontal armour of 8 strength which is penetrable by the three British anti-tank guns.

So it's down to the loonies with the exploding pikes!

Will give a Batrep after play.


  1. Look forward to your Batrep. I'm afraid the Far East has never grabbed me as an area I want to wargame, despite always liking the Japanese tanks and their funky camo schemes.

    1. The Burma Campaign and China look interesting.

    2. Agreed, especially the early conflicts in China, including with the Soviet Union.

    3. Oh yes, Khalkin Gol, where Russia found they had a home grown honest to Marx tank general.

  2. Very beautifull.

  3. They look great, and looking forward to a battle report

  4. The loonies will be the wild card.

  5. I bought some Warlord plastic Japanese for Pacific wars but am now thinking about Burma instead. It's the Gurkhas!