Monday 7 October 2013

Generic Tankettes: 28 mm

I came across these little beauties on being sold by a guy who trades under the name aylafred.

He makes resin models that he sells to support his animal charity work including VBCW 28 mm armour that is loosely based on real vehicles of the 1930s.

These tankettes are clearly based on the French Renault UE Chenillette tankettes.

The models are simplified but well manufactured. The price is amazingly competitive. These are £2.50 each. Vickers 6 ton variants like the Soviet T26 are around a fiver.

There are also landships like the Char C and so on and trucks based on Ledo models.

A great source of inexpensive generic AFVs for 1930s and WWII gamers.


  1. I have seen these on eBay but alas I have no use for them. They do look nice though.

    1. Very useful and good value, Clint. They would make good platforms for kitbashing.

    2. These are very nice. I am not sure how he is making any profit at those price points though.

    3. I suspect he isn't making any profit in the normal business sense but he is doing it to raise money for charity and no doubt doesn't charge for his time.