Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bolt Action: Andy Singleton's Charlemagne SS

I played a great game of Bolt Action with Andy Singleton recently. I will be putting up a batrep when I get the chance.

In the meanwhile, Andy is a professional painter and his work has been featured on the Warlord site. This is his SS officer from the Stormbattalion Charlemagne, troopers below.

It is an astonishing figure that really captures the subject, Berlin 1945.

Andy is a professional painter and this is in an example of his work to 'Collector's standard'. He also takes cheaper commissions for painting to a 'Wargaming standard'. You can contact him via Facebook.


  1. Each figure is full of character; nice camo work too

    1. That's what impressed me. Andy has so captured the time and the place. The last stand of the SS brought to life.