Friday, 25 July 2014

Warlord Battalia Starter Army - Review

I couldn't resist opening my Warlord English Civil War Battalia Starter Army, cost £70 with free postage.

What strikes one is that the box is stuffed with goodies.

First out of the box are the two flag cards, one Parliamentarian, one Cavalier. You get flags for ten regiments on each card. Every regiment has a pristine prebattle flag and a shot up flag so you take your pick.

You get 12 cavalry sprues, six for riders and six for horses, that make 24 horse in total. The sprues have a fair degree of options including standard bearer.

Each infantry sprue, again there are six includes five pikeman (at top) and eight musketeers in four poses. Again you get various options, mostly different headgear.

Two infantry command sprues allow you to make commanders, standard bearers and drummers: six models in total.

And finally there are ten little sprues of fusiliers with firelocks.

Well not quite finally because there are two sprues of these bases....

And two of these.

First thought: 24 28 ml horse and 90 foot for £70 including postage - WOW!

I am one happy wargamer but my wife took one look and went to the fridge for a glass of wine.

Oh well, one can't please everyone.


  1. How nice; she was going to bring you a glass of wine as you de-sprued your army...what a woman! :)

    1. She muttered something about despruing _ at least I think that's what she said.

  2. That is damned good value at that scale!

  3. Counting horse as two models,that's 138 28mm models for 70 quid: around 50p that to bloody space marines.

  4. Time to oil your brushes now, John - so to speak...

    1. I am painting like a madman - but then I often do. :)

  5. Hi John,
    I'm trying to find out -- are the models in this set only for Parliamentary troops, or can they be used for Royalist forces, too?

    Thanks a lot,

  6. Thank you for the review, too!