Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Ernst Stavro Blofeld - Portrait of a Modern Corporate Manager

James Bond villain Blofeld, played here by the great Donald Pleasance, was in many ways simply ahead of his time. Nowadays his company, SPECTRE, would be regarded as the very model of a modern supra-national corporation what with their Swiss base, tax exemption, bonus structure, bribes and threats to politicians, funding terrorism, disciplinary system and tropical fish tanks.

Oh and their support for less government regulation by interfering busy bodies like James Bond.

I decided to paint my model in a pale blue suit as the flesh colour was a bit insipid on something 28mm high.

The base is from Gladius Game Arts. I can't remember where I got the model (Copplestone? 7TV? Anyone know?).


  1. "SPECTRE is the kind of Job creator that we need in America today"

  2. Ah! Donald...sounded like a leaking dingy if he go 5 or 6 'S's in a sentence....Nice figure.

  3. I have long suspected that SPECTRE has a controlling interest in GW, but then I remember that SPECTRE made sound business decisions...

  4. Good stuff! The figure is from Artizan btw.

    1. Ah right, the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range from Copplestone. I also have Pussy Galore.

  5. Great job its one of many fab KKBB figures out there.