Saturday, 22 November 2014

Review Bolt Action, The Last Levy Volkssturm

I showed off the Hitler Youth Squad and the man-portable AA rockets from Warlord Game's Last Levy boxed set a few days ago. Today it's the turn of the Volkssturm, the 'dad's army' that defended Berlin in the final battle. 

First up is the officer, a Golden Pheasant. They were the Nazi Party bosses who wore brown uniforms tinted with red and gold. Most of them sent the Hitler Youth out to die and then pissed off to the American lines with their mistresses and boxes of portable loot. But a few stayed to fight. They were of course, useless.

This one has chosen a blonde German  Bund Deutscher M├Ądel (Band of German Maidens) as his aide. She is wearing a Hitler youth uniform with a brown party overcoat.

The Boss wears a Party armband while the maiden has a Volkssturm band.

This is the Volkssturm section kitted out in a variety of uniforms from civilian sports clothes to Heer field grey. Some wore brown party overcoats. they were supposed to have been dyed field grey but many weren't. The wearers could be shot as spies by Soviet troops who assumed that they were infiltrators disguised in copies of Red Army uniforms.

The section wears a variety of armbands. The simple white and yellow were early forms which were replaced by the red and black horizontally striped armbands. Some Nazi Party members wear Party armbands'

And finally a sniper with a gun that shoots around corners.

This is a great set of colourful characters: highly recommended.


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